Planting Tips

Planting Tips

Planting Tips for February and March – the days are getting longer and Spring is on its way.Signs are obvious in your garden or open space at work; wildlife is starting to get active again and the garden is getting ready to welcome the longer days and warming weather.

It would be a good idea to start pruning shrubs, particularly the winter flowering ones that have stopped flowering this wintre.

As bird life is starting to wake up, it would be a good idea to cover your fruit and vegetable crops to protect them.

You could also prepare your rose beds so that they are ready to go! Don’t prepare them in frosty or very wet conditions.

Planting tips would also be to do some research on plants you want for spring planting for summer-flowering bulbs and bedding plants.

You may need to think about stakes and ties.

Enjoy this time of preparation ready for the busier times ahead.

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